Baby Quilt

After my last post, I was looking through posts and realized I never put up pics of the last quilt I finished. I just went through my flckr account and realized the one picture was seriously blurry, so maybe that’s why.

Elsa's Quilt!

This is a little baby quilt from a kit called Spring Fling I believe. I saw the pic and had to have it, though after doing it I think I am not a kit fan. There’s just something about picking out my own fabrics. Admittedly, when I pick out my own fabrics the combos don’t always work.

The quilt was for my very own baby, which is why I never post here any more. I’m too busy taking care of that baby, little Elsa, and her big brother Erik.

She’s ten months old now and is a total menace. A very cute menace, but she’s into everything. Maybe when her brother starts kindergarten in September I’ll have more time to quilt.

Smile baby!

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