Vintage Quilt

My grandma died a couple of weeks ago and my mom is trying to get things squared away and straightened up. I am in Maryland and my family is in Oregon so I didn’t go back for the funeral. I was just there two weeks before she passed away so I really couldn’t find a way to spend so much money and travel so far with a three year old.

Anyway, I asked my mom if I could have any quilts that she found. My great-grandmother was an avid quilter and I thought there might be a couple floating around the house.

I was right! My mom found one and mailed it to me last week. I received it today, packaged with a Roomba, which surely must be some sort of ironic pairing.

I don’t know much about quilt history and don’t know anything specific about this quilt. I can only assume my Grandma’s mother (Ruth) made it, though it is possible my Granddad’s mother (Levi) made it. They were both avid quilters. I have no idea what the time line would be. Ruth died in the 1960s and Levi died in the 1980s. I’m just calling it vintage based on the colors and condition of the fabrics.

Quilt probably made by my great-grandma

Click through for a bigger picture of any of them.

This quilt was found in my grandma’s bed. She was actively using it, even though it was in such poor shape. She was not ever really interested in quilts so I guess she didn’t realize that it had special meaning and needed special treatment to be preserved.

Does anyone know the name of the pattern? It looks really familiar, but I don’t know the name off hand. I’ve never had any interest in doing a reproduction quilt, but I might make an exception for this quilt.

**Update: Thanks to kkwilter, I believe this block is called Propeller HERE**

Ummm. Except for my Dear Jane, of course. Is it really a reproduction when you are not doing it in repro fabrics?

The most vibrant block

This was the most vibrant block. Most of the others were pretty faded.

I love the color of the background

I LOVE the color of the backing, which is probably why I love this quilt so much. Love, love, love!

The whole thing is hand quilted in a fan design. It doesn’t have a shred of binding left, but I don’t think it ever had any real binding. It looks like she flipped the backing over to the front edge as a sort of binding. I know my grandma did that on the quilt she made me for when I was a teenager. That quilt is only 20 years old and has been carefully put away for most of that time, but the false binding is already shredded. I keep thinking I should put a real binding on it.

3 Responses to “Vintage Quilt

  • Sarah Fish
    August 20th, 2009 08:49

    Wonderful quilt! How great to have something your great-grandmother made.

  • Teresa
    August 22nd, 2009 18:41

    What a treasure!

  • Stephanie
    October 4th, 2009 09:43

    I love this quilt and pattern. What a great find! Love your blog as well. I am in Maryland as well and I am new to blogging. Hopefully we can keep in touch and follow each other thru blogging. Thanks! Stephanie from Columbia Maryland