Southwest Top complete!

Southwest Top complete!

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I don’t like the Southwest style. I don’t like blue and red. I don’t like flying geese. I don’t like this quilt.

But the top is done! YES YES YES! DONE!

My mom loves all the things I hate, so she should love this. I told her I’d make her a wall hanging for a specific location. Her only request, other than size, was that it have something to do with the Southwest. I found this set of patterns and decided it was just the thing. Since she refused to give me any color direction, I decided I was only going to use pieces from my stash.

I was almost successful in making a complete stash only quilt, but then I got tired of making scrappy flying geese for the border. My original plan was for the outer border to be all flying geese, but I saw something in a magazine that’s very similar to my completed border and jumped on the idea. Fancy yet lazy! I can do that!

I ran into the border fabric, so bought a yard and made a consistent border. I had to rip off my scrappy flying geese border, which led to much cursing but it looks soooooooooo much better with the consistent blue throughout. Totally worth the effort.

Now I just have to quilt this bad boy and bind it! I need to have it complete by Sept. 22, so I think that will give me plenty of time.

To make the flying geese, I used the method I described in my blog entry HERE.

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