Sunlight and Shadows birthday block

The recipient of this block requested the specific pattern and asked for the neutral color to be off-white or cream. She sent me a totally fabulous block with perfect seams, so I really wanted to do this block right in return. I hope she likes it!

I had these fabrics in my stash and totally love them, though they are not my normal style so here’s hoping they don’t clash with everything else she gets and that she doesn’t hate corals. It seems like the vast majority of the people in the group are really into purple, so hopefully this won’t be a little coral reef among a purple sea.

That was a totally cheesy line.

Other good things! When I was quilting with the Quilting Pirate she introduced me to the joys of big, square omnigrid rulers. I bought a 12 1/2″ one this afternoon, so was able to trim this baby up to look extra nice and non-raggedy. I was quite pleased with myself because it probably didn’t really need a trim. I barely shaved off three threads worth of fabric from each side. Let’s give a cheer for accuracy!

The pattern is called Sunlight and Shadows from Quilter’s Cache.

One Response to “Sunlight and Shadows birthday block

  • Grain_Damaged
    August 29th, 2007 22:37

    No purple from me – mine will be the tropical fish swimming in your reef (block was hot pink, aqua, green and off white)