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Southwest Quilt Complaints

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

My goal for June is simple: start and finish the Southwest wall hanging I’ve promised my mom for months!

This has been a huge challenge for me because I don’t like Southwest stuff and I don’t like the colors my mom likes. First, she had a design she wanted me to make all sketched out. My design skills are decidely lacking, so I finally bought a Southwest sampler pattern.

I was really excited about it till it arrived in the mail and it turned out to be some kind of crappy home business pattern that was not at all professional. I’m used to working from magazines, books, and the quilter’s cache. I’m used to quick piecing techniques or paper piecing. I am NOT used to working with templates, and this quilt is ALL templates. And the template patterns? Don’t even have the seam allowance added!

I went through and marked the sizes for rotary cutting on all the squares and rectangles since it is ridiculous to use templates for them (they are all even sizes so I don’t understand the point, except that it was easier for the person to just draw a template instead of taking the time to write out measurements and stuff).

I wanted my mom to come to the quilting store and pick out fabrics while she was visiting me, but nooooooooooo she had no interest in visiting a quilting store. She said she trusted me to make good choices. Did I mention we have completely different tastes in everything?

I decided June is the month it is going to get finished no matter what, so yesterday I pulled out some fabrics and set to work. I’ve decided I can only use fabrics from my stash, which is going to make things interesting.

Yesterday’s block was a major pain to cut out, but it actually went together really well, bias cut triangles and all. In fact, I’d say it is the most perfect non-paper pieced block I’ve ever made.

Then there was tonight’s block. When I was writing down measurments, I mixed up the T and I, but they were only an inch apart so I didn’t notice till I was ready to sew the two big panels together and was an inch short! I knew something was screwy and had been muttering to my husband about the pattern and how awful it was (couldn’t be me of course!), but kept plowing through. I made a fix that isn’t noticable, but after I went back and realized what I’d done I could have kicked myself. I should also send out a mental apology to the pattern’s author, I suppose, but I’m not that generous. I’m not thrilled that she didn’t include any quick piecing methods, when she easily could have. Too bad I am not quite experienced enough to pick them out before I get started!

Yadda yadda yadda, aren’t you glad I’m a quilter that can ramble on? Or not. You just want pictures, right? I’ll post the pics of the first two blocks behind the cut. Only four more to go, but they are going to be much more intense with ten million little pieces. At least I’ve figured out that if I just take it one step at a time, bit by bit it isn’t overwhelming.