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Round Robin Border 1

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Anjea’s center, my border

Originally uploaded by Ramble Queen

I finished this a couple of weeks ago but forgot to post it here!

This was the first block I was sent as part of a Round Robin. Anjea created the block and I added the green border and the star border. She included several fabrics and I added in the black, green and blue fabrics.

I spent WAY too much time trying to get this sucker done. My original idea just had four patches up the sides with spinning pinwheels as the cornerstones, but it looked terrible.

I bought The Border Workbook and decided this was the most approrpiate border.

Enter the math.

I spent days putting things together and ripping them apart again because I just couldn’t get the math right. It finally all came together and I got it done!

Overall I’m really pleased with how my border turned out, though I probably shouldn’t have used the purple in the border since it blends with the black.

Round Robin Center Block

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Center Block

Originally uploaded by Ramble Queen

This is my official center block for my Round Robin over at LJ.

It is Desert Corsage from Quilter’s Cache. I LOVE the colors!

I needed a 12″ block, but this one was only 9″ so I had to design a little border to go around it. I’ve never done anything quite like that so I had a few issues, but I think it looks pretty good. I need to press this block again and remove the paper backing. Overall I am very happy!

Pattern HERE

You can see my reject center if you are dying of curiosity. I must be a glutton for punishment to upload it. It is located HERE