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Harry Potter Project of Doom part 2

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

I keep forgetting to add these blocks, but I’ve been steadily working on my Project of Doom blocks for the past several weeks. There are only five left, but I have about 10 left to complete.

Here’s a group of five from the early days:

POD  Week 8

Week 8

POD Week 7

Week 7, a Time Turner! I love it.

POD Week 9

Week 9. And we have a snitch.

HP POD Week 10

Week 10, all those yearly spell books. I only used two fabrics for all those colors, if you can believe it.

HP POD Week 4

Week 4. It took me forever to get this one done because I didn’t want to buy new black fabric when I knew I had yards upon yards of it for my Dear Jane project. I just had to find it.

Harry Potter Paper Pieced Blocks

Monday, February 21st, 2011

I don’t get much time for “me things” anymore, most specifically sleep, excercise or quilting. When Jennifer started advertising the Harry Potter Paper Piecing Project of Doom I decided to join in. Surely I can handle one block a week, right?

I have two things going against me: lack of time and a very bad back. By the time I finish one block my pinched nerve, or whatever it is, is killing me. I like the block a week format so it feels much more manageable with time constraints and back problems.

The quilt is a mystery, but it has been fairly obvious from almost the beginning that it is some sort of book shelf in Harry Potter’s room. I’ve been having a lot of fun picking out fabrics for the various books and magical items, though it has become obvious that I only have two color families in my stash (blue/green/teal/turquoise and a little bit of orangeish/coral/reddish).

I’m trying to balance my color loves with what might be appropriate for a teenaged wizard’s bookshelf. I’m also trying to balance my idea of the wizarding world (fun, happy, bright bold colors) with the movie idea of the wizarding world (drab, dark, scary). Can anyone explain to me why the movies have to be so damned dark? I know the tone of the last few books is very dark, but seriously? The wizards can’t have the house elves clean a little better and hang some magical light orbs around?

We bought Lego Harry Potter and none of us really care for it that much because you can’t see anything. Way too dark. So annoying!

Anyway, There have been six patterns released so far and I’ve completed five and a half of them. I have not yet tackled Harry’s glasses because I know I will have to sit in my chair a lot longer than is comfortable, but maybe I’ll get to it soon.

I am also realizing that I should have participated in the scrap swap that Jennifer hosted. After having been burned so many times (still so very bitter that my round robin center was never returned to me, even unfinished), I refuse to do swaps. I know Jennifer would have done her best to make sure things went smoothly and she doesn’t tolerate flakes, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead, I adopted a new quilter and sent a priorty flat rate envelope stuffed with scraps to a person who is just starting out. At least that way I can feel good about helping someone and not be irked when I get nothing in return. I am much better at freely giving than swaps.

Ok, so enough with the talk talk. Here’s the blocks thus far! They are 10 1/2″ unfinished, so I have to use the camera b/c they don’t fit in my scanner.

PoD week 6

I’m not so sure about the cat fabric, but a boy might have a book about cats. A wizarding boy might have a book about cats of different colors? I don’t know. In my mind, the vial is filled with gilly weed.

PoD week 5


I guess I saved a big scrap of paper doll fabric for a reason. The stopper is a doll dress, upside down. I like the way the gathers make it look like it is narrowing. I don’t know if there are fairies in HP, but I had to use the fabric anyway.
POD week 2

Terrible picture, but the block actually looks ok.

I love my crystal ball. This was actually the first block. I learned I need more contrast in the little lines on the books. I took a look at our bookshelf to kind of see how books look. I think my books will improve with time and experience. It’s fun looking at the photo pool on flickr to see how other people do things and get some inspiration.


Thursday, May 15th, 2008


Originally uploaded by Ramble Queen


I love the way this block turned out! The fabric is beautiful, the pattern is beautiful, the whole thing is just beautiful!

I’m also very glad I discovered the joy of the walking foot. I bought mine on a whim from Overstock and couldn’t even figure out how to attach it to the machine. Once I had it on, I wasn’t sure of the advantage of it. So far I’ve used it to quilt a quilt and to make a couple of paper pieced blocks. It is made of awesome! It chugs right through the thick seams and eliminates 80% of my paper piecing frustration!
Paper pieced from a pattern found at


Friday, May 2nd, 2008

I’ve been hankering after a little mini-ironfor paper piecing, but I am a cheapskate and have heard they aren’t worth the price. A gal on LJ is clearing out her sewing supplies because she needs cash, so I picked up her iron for a song.

I gave it a test drive tonight and encountered one giant problem. It doesn’t look like an iron.

Thus, my finger now has a big burn on it.

I was so stupid. I just completely spaced it and stuck my finger right on top of the hot plate.

The good? It doesn’t get as hot as a real iron. It makes it a little less helpful to work with, but my finger is quite happy to have retained all its skin. You win some, you lose some.

Overall, I was very pleased with the iron, mainly because it kept my work space from getting so hot. My real iron is so big and hot that I always get overheated and cranky.

Here’s my test block:

Time Turner

It’s Hermonie’s time turner from HP3. The pattern is from Ofenjen over at I’m so glad she’s giving all us LJers a chance to be pattern testers! If her book is ever published, I’ll buy it in a heart beat. Thanks, Jen!

I also did something a little different tonight and hooked up my walking foot. All those tiny pieces made for bulky seams, but the walking foot. . . walked. . . right over them. Score!

Deathly Hallows

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Deathly Hallows

Originally uploaded by Ramble Queen

More Harry Potter quilting! I just finished my second pattern from the Harry Potter Paper Piecing group on Livejournal. It was pretty easy, though very time consuming. I’m not quite sure what happened with the top part, but hopefully it will look right once it is in a real quilt.

I want a t-shirt with the deathly hallows sign!


Saturday, December 1st, 2007


Originally uploaded by Ramble Queen

My very first HP quilt block! I really liked being able to use my stash for this block, ut my fabirc choices weren’t fantastic so I’ll probably have to re-do it. The background and wings don’t contrast enough, so the wings get pretty lost in the actual block (not so much the picture). Plus, it only turned out 5 1/4" unfinished, so something happened that was not good. It should have been 5 1/2″ (these blocks all finish at 5″. . . good thing Dear Jane has taught me to think tiny!) I am very nervous about adding eyes, but that’s what it needs to make it look less zombie-owl and more cute-owl.

Pattern is from