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Friday, November 16th, 2007

Don’t you hate it when you’ve spent a good chunk of time planning a quilt block, picking out the fabrics, cutting, sewing and pressing all the pieces only to realize that the print that was so pretty and seemed so random is really a directional print? ARGH!!! I thought I was going to finish my last birthday swap block of the year today, only to be thwarted by a tricky print.

To top it all off, my printer isn’t working so I can’t even pick a paper pieced block to work on for this last block (I do love my paper piecing).

So if you had to do a green, black and blue 12″ non-paper pieced block, what would you do? (I was doing St. Gregory’s Cross from Quilter’s Cache.)

Bad Timing

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

I started this quilting blog at the worst possible time. I thought I would have lots of time to devote to my quilting, but then my son stopped napping and I took a freelance writing gig and suddenly I found myself with ZERO quilting time.

My freelance gig is just about over, so I am just about to hit the quilting again, and hit is hard! I have three birthday blocks to complete and then I don’t know what to do! Dear Jane is always calling my name, of course, and I am already totally behind in the 2007/2008 Livejournal Block of the Month and I have all the fabric I need for my son’s Once Upon a Time quilt. What to do? What to do?

Oh! And I bought a Harry Potter panel, so I need to do something with that! I also have joined up the Harry Potter paper piecing community on Livejournal and want to start making some Harry Potter blocks. I’m going to start with Pigwidgeon.

So I’m not dead, just barely hanging in there. I can’t wait to get my creative mo-jo back. I need to feel fabric, ah, sweet fabric!