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Birthday Block Center

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

quilt center

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I recieved 14 or 15 birthday blocks in a swap last year but they were such a diverse group that I never knew what to do with them. I was in a bad mood and decided I needed craft therapy. I decided they were my blocks and I could do what I wanted, so I picked out the 9 most match-y blocks and put this together.

I plan on putting a border around it to make it a litlte bigger and prettier, but that will require some thought. I have a quilting buddy coming to town next week, so I’m hoping she can give me some ideas (she did the block with the blue cross with a pink background).

In this swap I requested jewel tone blocks that would finish at 8″. My plan is to make a wall hanging. We’ll see if it happens. This is the wonkiest top I’ve ever made in terms of warpiness of fabric. I assume it’s because I was not on intimate terms with any of the blocks, thus when I was putting it together I didn’t know how to correct for wonkiness levels. Also, there are a lot of stretchy triangles in those blocks! Suddenly I understanding the importance of paying attention to the grain.

Swap Angel Blocks

Monday, March 10th, 2008

I took part in a birthday block swap last year that had a few problems. I think most of us were new quilters and didn’t really know that much about swapping. This year some experienced swappers joined the group (I’m not a part of it this year) and set up Swap Angels for those who didn’t get their full allotment of blocks. I volunteered to help the cause and was assigned to make three blocks for Clumsy_chord.

She picked out the Sunlight and Shadows pattern from Quilter’s Cache for all her blocks, so it was pretty easy to decide what to do. I only had to pick colors.

So far I have two of the three finished. I am totally in love with the first one:

Block Angel 1

I don’t have much of either of the blue fabrics, but I am in love with them now! Don’t they look pretty together? I think I could make a quilt with just those fabrics (if I had more).

I’m not quite as in love with the second block. I used these fabrics to make a super cute purse, but I think they are a little too large scale for a block. I think they are ok here, but not totally fantastic.

Block Angel 2

Now I just have to figure out the third block colors and I can get them in the mail!


Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Birthday Block 16

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This is the last block for my Livejournal Birthday Block Swap! Whew! The recipient requested blue, green and black so I hope this isn’t too black heavy. The colors are not very true in this pic. The block is actually totally awesome with vivid, popping colors. It almost looks like stained glass.

I’m so glad I decided to do this particular pattern. I am really tired of doing half-square triangle star variations, so this was fun. It’s a pattern from the Southwest Sampler quilt I made for my mom.

It’s been fun doing this swap, but I am not sure I am up for doing more swaps in the future. I have so little time to quilt that I’d really prefer to work on my Dear Jane or finally get started on my paper pieced HP quilt. So many projects! So little time!

Birthday Block 15

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007


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This is yet another block for my Livejournal Birthday Block swap. This person asked for a pinwheel block with lilac, cream/butter and spring green. I think this fits the bill perfectly, though I wish I could have found something a little fancier. The block is a slightly modified “Clay’s Choice” from over at Quilter’s Cache.

Birthday Block 14

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007


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I’m so glad to finally get this block done! It was way overdue, but life just kept slamming into my quilting time and this was pushed down pretty low on my priority list.

The recipient asked for a block with blues and pale yellows. I chose The Chinese Quilt Block from over at Quilter’s Cache. Even though it looks like it could be done with traditional quilting methods, I elected to use the paper piecing method. I just love my super sharp points and wasn’t sure I could do the corners correctly without paper piecing.

Sunlight and Shadows birthday block

Monday, August 13th, 2007

The recipient of this block requested the specific pattern and asked for the neutral color to be off-white or cream. She sent me a totally fabulous block with perfect seams, so I really wanted to do this block right in return. I hope she likes it!

I had these fabrics in my stash and totally love them, though they are not my normal style so here’s hoping they don’t clash with everything else she gets and that she doesn’t hate corals. It seems like the vast majority of the people in the group are really into purple, so hopefully this won’t be a little coral reef among a purple sea.

That was a totally cheesy line.

Other good things! When I was quilting with the Quilting Pirate she introduced me to the joys of big, square omnigrid rulers. I bought a 12 1/2″ one this afternoon, so was able to trim this baby up to look extra nice and non-raggedy. I was quite pleased with myself because it probably didn’t really need a trim. I barely shaved off three threads worth of fabric from each side. Let’s give a cheer for accuracy!

The pattern is called Sunlight and Shadows from Quilter’s Cache.

Birthday Block

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007


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This was made for one of my LJ Birthday Block swap people. She requested something summery in nature, since she has a summer birthday. I hope she likes this!

I didn’t realize this was such a challenging block when I picked it. I just assumed it was paper pieced, but it wasn’t. Yikes! And that middle piece? Requires a set-in seam. So glad I watched a Fons and Porter episode a couple of days ago that had set-in seams.

I am VERY pleased with the way this turned out and have to thank the Quilting Pirate’s daughter for helping me pick out colors and keep things lined up. Look at those points! Most of them turned out really pointy!

Pattern is Double Aster from the Quilter’s Cache. It makes a 12″ finished block.