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Modern Baby Quilt

Sunday, July 10th, 2011
Modern baby quilt by Ramble Queen
Modern baby quilt, a photo by Ramble Queen on Flickr.

My cousin adopted a little girl from Korea last year and I finally finished the quilt. A bad back and a baby have really cut into my quilting time. At least I’ve figured out a way to quilt and not kill my back–I have my machine set up on my high dresser and I do all my sewing standing up.

Anyway, I got the inspiration for this quilt from searching around modern quilt blogs. It was mostly a lot of trial and error to get it looking balanced.

I have to send a big shout out to Crystal for being such a modern quilting inspiration. Without her, I wouldn’t know the first thing about modern quilts.

I also tried a new way of quilting the quilt. I didn’t measure or mark anything. I just eyeballed a bunch of straight lines up and down the back. I tried to vary the width so it would look balanced and not totally “I’m too lazy to actually draw lines.”

All in all, I’m very pleased with the results. I will get it in the mail tomorrow, only 9 months after the little girl came home to her forever family. I believe she will be three pretty soon. I think it’s a good size for a toddler. My five year old has a quilt the same size that he loves to wrap up in.

Back of baby quilt

Baby Quilt

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

After my last post, I was looking through posts and realized I never put up pics of the last quilt I finished. I just went through my flckr account and realized the one picture was seriously blurry, so maybe that’s why.

Elsa's Quilt!

This is a little baby quilt from a kit called Spring Fling I believe. I saw the pic and had to have it, though after doing it I think I am not a kit fan. There’s just something about picking out my own fabrics. Admittedly, when I pick out my own fabrics the combos don’t always work.

The quilt was for my very own baby, which is why I never post here any more. I’m too busy taking care of that baby, little Elsa, and her big brother Erik.

She’s ten months old now and is a total menace. A very cute menace, but she’s into everything. Maybe when her brother starts kindergarten in September I’ll have more time to quilt.

Smile baby!

Disappearing Nine Patch Baby Quilt

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

I’ve wanted to try a disappearing nine patch* for a while, but the opportunity just never seemed to present itself. My friend is having a little girl at the end of October, so I started searching around eBay for fabrics. I found a lady who was selling packs of color coordinated squares, so bought two packs plus a couple of yards of the blue fabric. Since I never have time to go to the fabric store, it was fabulous to buy a color coordinated set that someone else put together. I never would have thought of this combination, but it works.

Baby Quilt

I was planning on putting a blue border around it to tone down the pink. My friend is not enamoured of pink, but I have a little boy and never get to play with pink. I didn’t do my math very well so the top turned out bigger than I anticipated. I wanted to keep it small so it was handy as a baby quilt and so I could use some yardage from my stash for the backing. I bought some sock monkey fabric that turned out to have a HUGE print that is only suitable for backing. I was really happy to be able to use it on this quilt. If my friend gets tired of the pink, girly front she can just flip the quilt over.

Close up

Back of quilt

This was not my best work, by far, but I’ve been away from quilting for quite awhile. I forgot all those little important tricks and tips that makes things go more smoothly. I’m not too upset though, since I do want the mom to actually use this quilt. It is not heirloom quality at all. I hope it sees many, many hours of floor time, spit up, and other baby love.

*Disappearing nine patch: Make a bunch of nine patch squares. Cut them into quarters then sew them together again. Mine was extremely random, but you can find tutorials that show you how to make a less random pattern.

Once Upon a Time

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Once upon a time, a long time ago I started working on a Once Upon a Time quilt from the Modern Quilt Workshop book. The premise of the quilt is that you use it as a story telling device. You have lots of 4″ novelty fabrics on a background with “lines” connecting them.

I got the top and quilting done pretty quickly, but stalled out on the binding. I decided I wanted to do the binding properly (I’ve been machine sewing it to the back, flipping it down, then machine sewing to the front, leaving a sort of funky seam on the back) because I worked hard on this quilt. Then we moved and I got pneumonia and life went crazy and six months later the quilt was just sitting around with a half sewed on binding.

But now it is done!

The quilt is washed and dried and looks fabulous! Even though I’ve made several quilts, I always hold my breath until they come out of the dryer. I’m always convinced they are going to fall apart. I don’t understand how I am capable of creating something by sewing it together. It seems like magic.

Once Upon a Time. . .

Very blurry–not loving my new camera.

View from the side

Erik, my son and quilt owner, wanted his picture taken with his new quilt. I had to oblige. Also, he got his new t-shirt today and was one happy camper. I still don’t get the humor of the falling banana, but it has made the boy extremely happy.

Erik and his new quilt

Next up, a girly baby quilt in a disappearing nine patch pattern. I have the top together, just need to remember where I put my store of batting.

Fabric Gift Bags–Tutorial

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Here’s the perfect excuse to hit the quilt shops this weekend! Go forth, ye fabric addicts, and find heavily discounted holiday fabric. You can turn it into wonderful fabric gift bags that will last for years. Save the environment, save yourself gift wrapping time, and satisfy your need for new fabric. What could be better?

Fabric rectangles in various sizes (choose fabric that you can’t see through!)
matching thread and bobbin
pinking shears
straight pins
safety pin
beads for embellishment (optional)

The beauty of this project is that accuracy is not very important. There are no points to match! Everyone will be so excited to get to the gift inside, they won’t have time to measure your seam allowances. Except your cranky old grandma. That’s why she gets a fruit basket.

I like to do several at once so I can chain piece. I can whip these out much faster than I can wrap a gift.

Step one:

Lay out your rectangle of fabric and decide how you want to fold it to make the best gift bag. Find the sides that will be the two tops of your bag and trim the ends with pinking shears. At this point you will have a rectangle of fabric with two opposite ends pinked.

Step two:

Fold down the pinked ends about 1″. Pin. This should give you adequate room for a seam allowance and plenty of room to send a beribboned safety pin through your drawstring pouch.

Pink two edges and fold down for drawstring

Note: you can click on any picture to go to much bigger

Step three:

Sew down your drawstring pouch. I keep my presser foot along the pinked edge to keep more room for the drawstring.

Sew Drawstring lip

Step Four:

Fold rectangles so the right sides are together and the drawstring pouches are at the top. Pin both sides.

Step Five:

Sew the sides of the bag with 1/2″ seam. Start sewing where the drawstring pouch seam starts. DO NOT SEW ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOP! If you sew to the stop, you won’t be able to put in your drawstring!

Sew sides with right sides together starting at drawstring seam

Step Six:

Use the pinking shears to trim the seams you just sewed. This will prevent fraying and make your bags last a lot longer.

Pink seams

Step Seven:

Turn bag right side out. Attach a safety pin to a length of ribbon and run it through the drawstring pouches. Tie the two ends together in a secure knot. OPTION: Add beads to the ribbon to spruce it up.

Use a safety pin to thread with ribbon

Step Eight:

Add a gift, then tie in a pretty bow.

Insert gift and tie a bow!

Step Nine:

When Christmas is over, put the bags somewhere safe so you can find them next year. I think this will be the hardest part!

We used the bags this year and it was fantastic! We were able to take all the toys out of their impossible packaging and pop them in the bags. We didn’t have to spend Christmas morning fighting with twist-tie packaging while our son begged for his toys. My husband was also very grateful to get out of traditional wrapping. My only concern is what happens when the kids get old enough to be sneaky and open the bags while they are alone in the house prior to Christmas. I guess at that point maybe I won’t even care. I was a very bad girl and always opened and re-wrapped my Christmas gifts while my mom was at work.

Finished project!

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

This is what? Finished project number 2 for the year? I’m not doing so hot on finishing things, but the Dear Jane quilt is supposed to take time so I guess that’s ok.

This quilt was made for my newest nephew. He should be here by next week if things go as planned. His quilt will arrive just in time!

If it looks familiar, it’s because I used the same basic pattern and fabric that I used in the last baby quilt I made. As I was making that one, I kept thinking about how much my sister would love the monkey fabric so monkey fabric it was! I intended to do it all in red and royal blue, but I could never find a royal blue that worked. In the end, I just used the coordinating fabrics from the fabric collection to ensure it all looked good together. I don’t think I’ve ever made such an organized, planned, and coordianted quilt!

Without further ado (as always, click thru to find bigger pictures at Flickr):

Quilt Model

Baby quilt

Back of monkey quilt

The back. I’m really liking the diamond quilting pattern. It’s really quick and easy, but also looks good.

Rolled up.

This gives a better idea of the scale of the backing. Those are some giant monkeys!

Finally! A finished project!

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Finally! I finished my first quilt of the year! Hopefully this will be the Year of FOs for me, but it’s already March so I’m thinking I’m being too optimistic.

One of my longtime online friends (we’ve met in person a couple of times) is having a baby any second. She was due Monday, so I’ve been scurrying to finish the quilt before the baby arrived and I won! But the quilt still has to wing its way to Sweden so maybe I didn’t win.

Last year I saw a really sweet, simple quilt that was mostly blue squares with a few red squares thrown in randomly. Even though it wasn’t complicated or fancy, it had a big impact on me and that was my inspiration.

My big mistake was shopping for all the fabric online. HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake. If I would have bought a focus fabric online then went to a real store I would have been ok, but none of my fabrics matched when they arrived and I had a big fat mess on my hands. After more ordering and a trip to the local quilt shop that I dislike, I ended up with fabric for a quilt that totally didn’t match my original vision. It’s very bright and cheery, but I worry it is too bright and cheery. I wish I would have left the yellow out, but oh well.

Without further ado:


I just hope the mom-to-be likes it! I’m very nervous that she’ll hate it because I kinda feel blinded by the colors myself.

In better news, this was the easiest quilt I’ve ever quilted. I bought Heirloom fusible batting and it was wonderful to work with. It actually fused, instead of acting like crazy melty-plastic a la’ the June Tailor fusible batting I worked with last time. Instead of fusing the whole sandwich together at once, I put the back on the batting then flipped it over and put the top on. It was a little more work, but soooooooo much less frustrating! I have zero puckers anywhere–unheard of for me!

I also brought out my walking foot for the second time ever. The first time I had no clue how to install it on my machine so I gave up (I got it from Overstock and it didn’t come with any directions). WOW! What a difference that foot makes! Every time I thought I was going to get a pucker, the foot and fabric worked themselves out. I didn’t even have to use my quilting finger tips to push the sandwich through. I’m totally in love!

I also did a few other things before I started quilting that I’ve never done before taking off with the quilt.

A) I wound 3 bobbins before I started quilting (I only used 2 of them).
B) I cleaned out my bobbin case.
C) I changed my needle.

It was so nice to have everything clean, prepared and ready to go. I didn’t get a single bird’s nest.

Here’s a sample of the back. I just love that fabric! I think I’m going to make my nephew-to-be a quilt just out of the Funky Monkey line.

Back view

And I just have to post this picture because it makes me laugh! I could barely see the chalk lines on the quilt and was cursing up a storm, but somehow they are clear as day in this picture. Weird!



Saturday, October 20th, 2007


Originally uploaded by Ramble Queen

I finally finished the quilt that was eating up all my time! I hated it as I was making it, but the finished product is pretty fantastic. It was a birthday gift for my mom and she totally loved it (even though she’s holding it upside down). The pattern turned out to be easy once I said no to templates and measured them all to come up with rotary cutting instructions.

Beautiful Bag

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Beautiful Bag

Originally uploaded by Ramble Queen

I love love love love love my new bag! It’s the most beautiful bag in the history of the world. Just don’t look too close at the quilting lines and you’ll agree. If you don’t, keep your opinion to yourself. I am so in love with this bag that it’s not even funny.

I’ve never made anything like this before, but it worked up pretty quickly. The instructions were totally confusing when I read through them before starting, but I figured if I just did one step at a time I would be able to understand them as I needed them. I was right. What sounded so complicated turned out pretty simple when I had the fabric in my hands. I’m not good at visualizing how things need to tuck and turn.

I only made one major error that required ripping out a bunch of stitches. When I was sewing the lining and exterior together I got confused and faced the handles the wrong way so they ended up inside the lining. Whoops! It was a pretty easy fix.

Can you tell I’m a wee bit excited about my bag? I just went over and licked it to show my love.


Fabric: Metro Blue collection by Marcus Brothers
Pattern: Building Blocks Bag by Indygo Junction